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Alumni Selected as BOV Appointees

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Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell appointed three new members to the University of Mary Washington Board of Visitors over the summer.

The appointees, Tara C. Corrigall, Theresa Crawley and Mark Ingrao are all UMW alumni.

Corrigall, a 1982 graduate, is still active within the UMW community. Corrigall served on the UMW Alumni Board from 1992 to 2002, and served as its president from 1998 to 2000. In addition, Corrigall served as first chair of the UMW President’s Council Committee and continues to be actively involved.

“It is a great honor that the Governor appointed me to the Board of Visitors,” said Corrigall. “I am an alumni so it is something that I have wanted to do for a long time.”

“Mary Washington is a great place and we have to continue to make it greater,” she said.

Crawley is a 1977 graduate and is also active in the Fredericksburg and UMW community. In addition to being president of the MWC Alumni Association from 1996 to 1998, Crawley was also the first female dentist in Fredericksburg. In 2008, Crawley served as the national co-chair for UMW’s Centennial Capital Campaign, with her husband, William Crawley, Jr., professor of history emeritus.

Jeff Rountree, chief executive officer of the UMW Foundation, works with Crawley.

“Crawley has been an outstanding member of the UMW Foundation Board of Directors since 1993 and I have been honored to know and work with her for the majority of that time,” said Rountree. “She has served as Secretary of the Board for the past eight years and few people can match her enthusiasm and dedication to our institution.”

Crawley now serves as secretary to the UMW Foundation.

Ingrao, a 1981 graduate, is president and CEO of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce. Ingrao served as a co-coordinator for UMW’s class of 1981’s 25-year and 30-year reunions. According to the BOV website, “When he’s not working his day job, Ingrao pursues a passion he inherited from his father: helping out at Washington Redskin’s home games by moving the chains that signify downs.”

“We are delighted that three outstanding Mary Washington alumni have been appointed to the Board of Visitors,” said Martin Wilder, UMW Chief of Staff and Clerk of the BOV. “Each of these individuals has been actively engaged in the life of the University and has a deep commitment to the continuing success of UMW,” he said.

UMW’s BOV is comprised of 12 members who are appointed by the Governor of Virginia. At least six out of the 12 members are required to be UMW alumni, and a maximum of three board members may be residents in states other than Virginia. Every two years the board votes to elect one as rector and vice rector. The rector is the spokesmen and public representative for the board members.

According to an interview conducted by the Free Lance Star, Judge White, the newly elected rector and UMW alumnus said she is, “ absolutely thrilled at the honor of the election.”

As stated on the BOV webpage, “The Board is empowered to establish the mission and purpose of the University and to promote the general welfare of the institution.”

Such responsibilities include revising the institution’s policies, declaring annual tuition changes and approving changes to UMW’s curriculum.

The three new board members take the place of Randall Eley, Martha Leighty and Patricia Revere. They each served two terms on the BOV. Each new member will serve a four-year term.