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Elby Brass Incites Dance Party on Ball Circle

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Girls in Virginia Hall who planned to study Thursday night were thwarted as men in purple and yellow band suits playing instruments ranging from trumpets to a tuba stole the spotlight on Ball Circle Thursday, Aug. 30, to officially welcomed students back to campus.

Since 2009, the University of Mary Washington has watched Elby Brass, a mobile acoustic band, convert the field into a large dance floor. The upbeat performance last week pulled students out of their dorms and into a crowd that danced, waving their hands to the jazzy beat of saxophones mixed with the voices of seven men.

Daniel Fong, one of the newest additions to the band, spoke for the whole group last Thursday.

“It’s a party,” Fong said.

Students jumped and laughed while listening to the song, “We’re So Broke,” which poked fun at college life.

During his years as a student, Michael Bergeron, a UMW alumnus, loved the fun Elby Brass concerts. He returned Thursday to watch another performance.

“They’re a well-known local band who are happy to be here. It’s just a way to get people out of their dorms and interact with others,” Bergeron said.

After the first week of classes, Elby Brass created an optimistic energy for students and set off a rhythm that was felt through the crowd, reminding students to have a good time.

Rob Jones, senior and psychology major, enjoyed the feeling Elby Brass created.

“It’s a great way to start the year. It really sets the tone for the year,” Jones said.

However, this is no news to some students, such as senior and history major Rachel Icard, who danced all night long to the band she has seen perform since her days as a freshman.

“If it’s possible, I love them more now,” Icard said.

There’s no doubt that UMW will bring the liveliness of Elby Brass back to Ball Circle again someday.

Until then, students can probably still hear the music echoing in Virginia Hall.