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Safety Rides an SGA Priority

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The Student Government Association (SGA) at the University of Mary Washington has finalized its plans for homecoming week and again discussed the Safe Ride program.

The SGA began the semester hoping to establish the Safe Ride program for homecoming, which would give students transportation to and from different locations around Fredericksburg.

During the Sept. 10 meeting, the SGA discussed the many components that needed to be worked out for this program, such as finances and volunteering. The plan is to reach out to the community to raise money for the program to limit the cost to UMW. Some fundraising options discussed included hosting a “College Night” at Pancho Villa.

The following SGA meeting on Sept. 24 resolved that the Safe Ride program will not be set up by homecoming 2012, as funding problems continue. However, SGA hopes to have the program for next semester and are still looking at fundraising options.

The SGA is also working a “Party Safe” campaign, which will aim to make students aware of their safety while partying, and hope to send a newsletter to students about the topic in the near future.

The SGA has also worked to plan homecoming and has finalized a schedule for the week at their meeting on Oct. 1. Wednesday will be the homecoming kick-off with a Lip-Sync concert and Thursday will follow with a pep rally.

The carnival is on Friday and a concert and games will be on Saturday. There will be giveaways at many of the events including sunglasses, key chains and mini fans.

SGA is still looking for more participants for Wednesday’s Lip-sync activity. T-shirts have already been ordered, with prices set at $8 for short sleeve and $10 for long sleeve.

The carnival will have many attractions such as a trampoline, rock-climbing wall and obstacle course.

SGA hopes to attract most of the student body with these activities and create a good homecoming experience for everyone involved.