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Spruce Up Your Home With a Cinnamon Stick Candle

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It’s only November, so I suppose l will try to contain my excitement about Christmas—for now. However, it is the start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving just around the corner.
This week’s craft, cinnamon stick votive candles adapted form, are the epitome of coziness. They are so astoundingly simple to make, they would turn even the least domestically inclined student into a crafter. Plus, you will be supporting the mason jar industry, which I’m sure is in dire straits these days.
Everything you need is available at a craft store, with the exception of the cinnamon sticks, which you can pick up at the supermarket. The total cost of this craft is about $11.


•    one small mason jar
•    one scented candle
•    raffia
•    one pack cinnamon sticks of approximately 10 sticks
•    a rubber band
First, place a scented candle into the jar. I chose vanilla, which worked quite well with the cinnamon. Put the rubber band around the jar and place the cinnamon sticks around it too, securing them with the rubber band.
Lastly, cut a small handful of raffia and tie around the jar. I measured about a foot in length. Then, you light it and bask in its charming glow.
I hope you all have a good start to the holiday season!