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Circle K Club serves up ice cream for a good cause

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The Circle K Club, one of the University of Mary Washington’s many service clubs, hosted its second annual “Sundae Sunday” on Oct. 19.

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Sundae4webThe Circle K Club, one of the University of Mary Washington’s many service clubs, hosted its second annual “Sundae Sunday” on Oct. 19. This year the event was actually hosted on a Saturday, and the ice cream social was held outside Lee Hall to raise awareness and support for the Eliminate Project.
Founded to aid third world countries, the Eliminate Project provides maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) shots for those who cannot afford treatments through their own means.
For a mere dollar, students and Discovery Day visitors alike could enjoy two scoops of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream garnished with a variety of toppings, such as whipped cream, gummy bears and sprinkles. For another dollar, an “Eliminate” wristband could be purchased.
Even those with a distaste for ice cream and trendy wrist-wear accessories could donate to the cause, which earned over $400 through various fundraising efforts last year. According to club historian and junior biology major Kimberly Weilnau, ice cream sales accounted for about one fourth of the club’s total donation last year to the Eliminate Project.
Circle K’s efforts were assisted in part by Sodexo, which donated the ice cream, and the office of Student Activities and Engagement who provided the plates, napkins and tent, the latter of which proved to be incredibly useful on the rainy Saturday afternoon. Despite gray rainclouds drifting overhead, many passing tour groups and wandering high school students stopped by for a quick snack or merely to learn a little more about MNT.
Tour guide Miriam McCue, a sophomore historic preservation major, found herself outside Lee Hall after her last tour of the day and purchased a light blue wristband.
”I’m down with the cause,” she said, while taking an opportunity to step under the tent to escape the rain. “The rain kind of dampened the tour, but this event definitely brightened my day. It’s awesome to see students this involved even during this kind of weather.”
Even if the passersby did not have a dollar to spare, most wanted to hear more about the cause and understand the problems that less fortunate countries face, making the somewhat dreary day that much brighter.