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Eaglevision contest inspires school spirit

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The University of Mary Washington is hosting a school spirit video contest that will be sponsored by Eaglevision. Winners of the contest will receive 15 tickets to a UMW basketball game with full use of the president’s box.



According to Melina Downs, UMW’s media manager, the contest is based on a previous event.

“Dre Anthes, director of graduate admissions, originally came up with this idea for UMW faculty and staff to showcase their spirit at UMW during the annual faculty/staff fall luncheon,” said Downs. “I met with Dre, and we thought it would be fun to have the same contest for UMW students.”

Eaglevision is still a relatively new program at UMW, and many students are unaware of its purpose.

“One goal of EagleVision, the new digital signage program at UMW, is to create an avenue for better communication with students. We want students to use the EagleVision system to get the word out about their events and programs,” said Downs. “Through this contest, we’d like to get the word out about EagleVision while also getting students to come together and show their UMW spirit.”

The contest began in November and will until January 14, and the winner will be announced at the end of the month. As the contest is geared towards students, the winner will be decided through text message responses to a live poll. The prize will be awarded to the video with the most votes.

Downs said the video must showcase UMW spirit.

“Of course, we also ask that all submissions follow the EagleVision guidelines listed on the website,” said Downs.

There is no sign-up fee associated with the contest, it is simply a means to get students involved with campus and to have a good time in celebrating the school’s community and pride.

“The winner will have the opportunity to invite 15 guests and have a fully-catered gathering in the president’s box,” said Downs.

Downs said she is optimistic about the future of EagleVision and of the potential it has to bring the student-body together and to celebrate the things that make UMW so great.

“I’d love for the EagleVision system to become the go-to source for students seeking information about events on campus. We have so many wonderful capabilities with this new system that we’ve never had before. Right now, we have more than 50 TV screens across campus available to students where they can promote their organizations and events.”

Though this is the first contest that the University has created through EagleVision, the staff is hopeful that it will not be the last.

“Depending on the response, we’d love to make it a contest that gains momentum each year and that everyone highly anticipates,” said Anthes.