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Save the Arcadian rocks the Underground

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Students went out and celebrated the first weekend of the semester by seeing UMW’s very own, Save the Arcadian, perform last Friday, Jan. 17. at the Underground.

ArcadianBy Aeriel Merillat

The band, composed of UMW students past and present gave an once entertaining and lively performance following comedian Ty Burnett at 9 p.m.

Save the Arcadian is no stranger to the UMW crowd, having performed on campus several times in the past. The band’s energetic and compelling sets never fail to draw a large number of students to listen to their original and quirky songs, including fan favorites such as “Liar!” and “Dance Floor.” The band performed songs from their latest album, “How’d They Get Up There.”

The band was born out of a love story suitable for the plot line of a John Hughes movie. A couple of guys making music on Campus Walk outside of Trinkle Hall one afternoon stumbled upon another student. The stars aligned and what would soon be known as UMW’s Save the Arcadian was born.

Best friends, talented musicians, catchy songs and humorous attitudes proved to be a recipe for magic. The lights dimmed, the band came onstage and the crowd began to cheer before an unnecessary introduction was even made. The room belted out lyrics from the chorus of several songs and danced unashamedly to others. It was evident the effect Save the Arcadian had on the crowd and the dynamic energy they brought with them to the Underground.

As the night progressed, Save the Arcadian won the hearts of many students present.

Emily Hanson, sophomore, political science major, commented, “The band brings a lot of energy to the stage. Their chemistry was evident in their music and performance.”

Sophomore, Geography and Studio Art major, Kacie Waters-Heflin agreed.

“I was honestly surprised by how amazing they were. I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by their talent, but I’m glad that I was!” said Waters-Heflin.

Whether it be the eclectic arrangement of instruments, such as cello, keyboard, mandolin, guitar and drums, that give the band their unique sound, or the hilarious chemistry shown through conversations between songs, Save the Arcadian never fails to entertain and humor the UMW crowd. Their performance Friday night was yet another success and a great way to start off the first weekend of a new semester.