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Skistimas brings five times the charm to the Underground

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Brad Skistimas of Five Times August performed in front of an energetic crowd at the Underground’s Acoustic Night on Wednesday, Feb. 5. Skistimas engaged with the audience by explaining that his passion for music and unique backstories are the root of his songs.

Skistimas’ love for playing the guitar expanded to singing and songwriting after he graduated high school, more specifically after he experienced his first hard breakup.

“She broke up with me because she was going to college and couldn’t do the distance,” Skistimas remarked. “Later I found out she started dating someone even further away.”
His song, “Any Time, Any Day” from Skistimas’ first album “Say” was written in response to that experience and marked the beginning of his songwriting career in 2001.

The Dallas born singer/songwriter also explained the origin of the band’s title Five Times August.
“I knew people would get my last name wrong,” the young artist said. “My birthday is the fifth of August, so that’s how I created it.”

Aside from his college tours, Skistimas performs at many shows and festivals. His favorite performance to this day was held at the Arbor Daze Festival for over 80,000 people. The artist’s music has been featured in hit series “Laguna Beach”, “Degrassi” and “Army Wives.”

Couples leaned on shoulders and watched the performance. Skistimas encouraged the audience many times throughout the show by saying, “I like interactive groups and I encourage you to sing along; it will make me feel good.”

Madison Hanley a senior international affairs major, said, “I really enjoyed his performance, I think he really connected with the crowd.”

Elisa Delle-Fratte a senior art history major agreed with Hanley.

“I had a fun night and it was cool talking to such a talented artist.” Said Delle-Fratte, a senior art history major.
Skistimas cracked jokes on stage and offered insightful advice with each song on his playlist. “Up To Me,” is a song of redemption and reminds listeners that tough situations in life always get better.

Songs he played included, “Roll Into You,” “Satisfied”, “Perfectly,” and his own rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

Whether it was the lyrics, music, Skistimas’ energetic and lively attitude or a combination of all these things, Five Times August succeeded in entertaining his audience for an enjoyable Wednesday night.