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Tie-dye cake, a recipe for colorful success

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With last minute papers and projects to complete and finals on their way, comfort food is calling. Sure, you can easily go to the store and buy your favorite salty or sweet, high-calorie, high-sugar snack. However, I have a sweet and easy recipe that is bound to brighten your day, satisfy your sweet tooth and provide you with that much needed study break. Moist and delicious, this colorful cake will not be adding any more stress to your already hectic schedules. You can share with your friends or eat it by yourself.

Ingredients and Supplies:

1 box of Betty Crocker yellow cake mix

3 eggs

1/3 cup vegetable oil

4 different colors of food dye

Other necessary items:

1 tub of your favorite icing

Cake pan

1 large bowl to mix the batter in

3 small bowls to separate the batter in

5 Spoons

1 Knife

Oven mitts



  1. To make the batter, follow the directions on the back of the cake mix box.
  2. Pour the batter equally into four separate bowls, with an equal amount remaining in the original bowl.
  3. Mix a different food dye color in each of the four bowls.
  4. Pour one colored batter into the cake pan, until it is about the size of a pancake.
  5. Then, get another colored batter and pour it on top of the first color in the cake pan, without completely covering it.
  6. Repeat Step 5 with your third color.
  7. Repeat Step 5 with your fourth color.
  8. Repeat, keeping with the pattern, until you run out of batter.
  9. Bake for the amount of time on the cake box.
  10. When it is done, stick a knife in the middle of the cake to make sure it is done. If no cake sticks to the knife, then it is ready.
  11. Let it cool before spreading the icing.