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Xperimento experiments with unique sounds on Ball

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By JAHNA PAIGExperimento

Laying out on the grass or playing frisbee, UMW students enjoyed the first few warm days of spring with Xperimento, a bilingual and multicultural fusion band, hosted by Giant Productions April 3.

Xperimento combines reggae, salsa, merengue and cumbia sounds with hip-hop, R&B and funk. The band returned to Ball Circle as part of their 2014 College Tour.

The six-member Miami group, hailing from Puerto Rico, Argentina, Jamaica and Venezuela played a variety of instruments, including the trumpet, trombone, guitar and percussion.

The reactions from UMW students summed up the performance: spectacular and upbeat, while having a mellow vibe at the same time. The lead singer of Xperimento, Camilo Rafael Sierra’s voice was soothing and calming. Every song ended with applause and cheers.

“I thought they were good. I really liked their cover of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine.’ That’s the one I remember most. The singer gave me goosebumps with that one,” said Mary Turpin, a senior business major.

Even the construction workers enjoyed the music while working. Other students agreed that the performance was a sight to see.

“Well I thought it was really awesome that our school hosted a band that was multicultural. It shows that our school cares about what the students want because a lot of us appreciate and would like to see different types of music playing at different events,” said senior Stephanie Martinez. “It also shows how the UMW community is growing in accepting and understanding different cultures.”

Although the band was not greeted by a huge crowd, it may be due to the fact that the chilly winds persuaded students to stay inside.

Even Sierra acknowledged the unpleasant weather, saying, “Go away clouds. They don’t get it.” However, as soon as the band started playing a reggae version of “Ain’t No Sunshine”, the clouds mysteriously vanished, and the sunshine made a brief appearance before the clouds returned.

Thursday afternoon’s performance also included a rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Treasure,” and a mini tribute to the Marley Brothers with “Welcome to Jamrock,” by Damian Marley and “Get Up, Stand Up,” by Bob Marley.

Despite the chilly weather, Xperimento proved to warm the crowd.