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Student art featured at Gallery VC

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On Friday, February 2, the Fredericksburg Visitor Center hosted the opening of the Gallery VC, an exhibition of student artwork from the University of Mary Washington. This month, the gallery revolves around the theme of space. I had the opportunity to visit on opening day and see what they had to offer.

Not knowing what to expect when I walked in, I was impressed. Various prints surrounded three walls of the exhibition. Each painting had a different story behind it, but also revolved around the theme of space, which is a really interesting topic as there is a whole galaxy out there that we still do not know everything about. I was inspired at the amount of talent each student had behind these paintings. It was relaxing to slowly walk around the room and admiring each painting.

There were thirteen prints spread around the room, each with a designated artist and title. There were also some paintings that were being offered for sale. The exhibit also had two tables and offered food and drink for any visitor that wanted to dive in. I admired every single painting that was hung up, but there were three pieces that stood out to me the most.

“Our Space” by Sophie Brinkley

Our Space was created by Sophie Brinkley. This picture seems to focus on the idea that our earth is a better place when we can all count on one another. There’s a quote embedded in the art that states “The earth needs all the friends it can get.” I was really impressed with this work of art because it includes all sorts of different types of people and shows how they’re all interactive with one another. Having a friend to lean onto during hard times is something every person needs.

Gallery Concept was designed by Chad Mundie. After observing this photo for quite a couple minutes, it really portrays the idea of how the internet and sound really link with each other to create a big concept of how we view media.

“Gallery Concept” by Chad Mundie

In our century, most individuals rely solely on the internet and to be able to listen to most music, you need the internet or some kind of connection to retrieve it. Being able to get “lost” in music and focus your mind on that one song is soothing for almost everyone.

was created by Nathan Rosen. This art really pulls you into feeling like you’re traveling in space and hanging out with a furry creature. I thought it was interesting that he decided to choose a bunny. The kinds of thoughts running through my head were “what if it had been a dog, a giraffe, or even a rhinoceros?” I was intrigued by this art because the artist focused his background merely in outer space. It makes you wonder “Hmm, I wonder how a bunny would actually like outer space.”

Astrobunny by Nathan Rosen