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Paid to do homework: campus jobs that give you freetime

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By VICTORIA GRANT Staff Writer Getting paid to do homework is like killing two birds with one stone.

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Staff Writer

Getting paid to do homework is like killing two birds with one stone. Some on campus jobs allow you to do homework on the clock, while others do not. With finals approaching, working for an office or department that is more understanding about studying at work can be exceedingly beneficial.

At Blackstone Coffee, there is very little time for employees to study or get homework done because of all their responsibilities.

Freshman Blackstone barista Zara Burns said, “At Blackstone, there are lots of responsibilities that keep you busy. I like to keep my work and homework separate and give my full attention to my job when I am on shift.”

Burns stated that even though she doesn’t get homework done at work, if she manages her time correctly she has enough time to work on her schoolwork and get it all done.

Having a job where you are constantly answering phones, doing office work and talking to other students can make it difficult to have free time for homework on the clock.

Freshman Ashley Duke works in Student Accounts and said, “I get very little work done because of the constant line of phone calls and other things I must attend to at work.”

Duke stated that because of everything she must attend to when at work, she will usually only do about 30 minutes of homework each time she is at her job.

Being able to focus on homework at work can be hard since you are still at your job and have to focus on that as well.

Senior Courtney Merson works in the Hurley Convergence Center at the info desk. Merson said, “I am not focused when doing homework because I have to still do my job first.”

On average, Merson said she gets about 20 minutes of homework done every hour.

Scheduling is everything when it comes to managing time and working at a job. Freshman Marine Beausergent works as a student aide in the College of Education. Beausergent said if she makes a schedule ahead of time it is easy to manage her time.

Beausergent stated, “I feel less stressed because I know I can fit in some homework time.” On average she does about an hour of homework each time she works.

Being a student should always comes first so it is convenient to be able to do homework while working. Junior Alyssa Ruhlen stated, “Sometimes it seems a little overwhelming, but my job is very understanding when it comes to school work. SAE, and especially my boss, Alec Mallmann, always says that you’re a student first.”

Ruhlen works for Student Activities and Engagement at the Service Concierge desk in the University Center.

“For the majority of my three hour shifts, I normally spend the time doing homework. Some days are more demanding than others if we have a lot of events going on, but for the most part we can spend our time at the desk doing homework,” Ruhlen said.

Ruhlen goes into work knowing that she will get homework done. She stated, “For the majority of my shifts I always intend on doing homework while I’m there; it helps me budget my time.”

It seems like working for Student Activities and Engagement at the Service Concierge desk is one of the jobs on campus that gives you the most time to do your homework and study while on the job.

With finals coming up and students trying to balance school and work, being able to study at your job is definitely a weight off of your shoulders and can help in the long run.