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Student appreciates University’s beautification efforts

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By JOSEPH LANGLEY Staff Writer Find out what makes UMW one of the most beautiful campuses in Virginia.



Staff Writer

It goes without saying, every day is a great day to be an eagle. UMW is home to approximately 4,000 undergraduates, and roughly 330 graduate students.  The University of Mary Washington, named after George Washington’s beloved mother, has one of the more beautiful campuses in the state of Virginia. Few universities take the time to enhance their campus by welcoming their students to spend their free time on it. We as Eagles should take advantage of that aspect of our school.

While suggests that the University of Mary Washington is only the 11th most beautiful campus in the state of Virginia, people who have spent their time on this campus truly beg to differ. Campus Walk is undoubtedly a gorgeous stroll through campus whether you’re a student of Mary Washington, a visitor, or even a local to the Fredericksburg area.

UMW has the benefit of being an hour drive from the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., but also being an hour drive to the state capital of Richmond, Virginia. Fredericksburg is not only a college town, as it is also the historical site of the Battle of Fredericksburg of 1862. Ball Circle, resembling the lawn of the University of Virginia, provides a great landscape for students to lounge or even do their work outside.

The Bell Tower provides UMW with a traditional aspect, ringing at every hour while also being a great site as the middle point of numerous residence halls. The University Center, located on Ball Circle, provides students with a great place to lounge inside while also being a place to grab a bite to eat. The Eagle’s Nest provides the same benefit, having a back deck area that overlooks the vibrant green grassy landscape surrounding Simpson Library and the HCC.

Even alumni have touched on their appreciation for the campus. Jessica Langley, class of 2015, said, “The campus itself will make you fall in love with the school. A campus that interacts with you as a student, filled with sights to look upon as you make your way to class provides students with more motivation to get up and look forward to the journey to success.”

Aside from alumni, students currently enrolled here at UMW love the campus that they call home. Freshman Lydia Eisenberg said, “The UMW campus is breathtaking yet simple. It is so easy to feel at home here.” Eisenberg also said, “I love walking through campus walk because it is stunning all year round. It is so easy to spend an entire day walking around or relaxing on campus because of the welcoming atmosphere.”

Another member of the class of 2020, Alexander Caldas, said, “It’s a small campus, but seems very big. Whenever and wherever you walk on campus, there is always greenery. It helps clear the mind and not think about school work all the time.”

It’s incredible to think that the beauty of the campus helps students gain peace of mind, especially at stressful times of the school year where school work is the most of your worries. Now, the majority of students here love when they walk through campus and see how nice everybody is to one another. Rarely do we see students not interacting with one another, most if not everyone saying hello to one another as they venture on to their next class.

Sure, UMW may not be perfect, but this small school atmosphere has more perks than you’d think. Community is a serious value here at the University of Mary Washington, and our campus undoubtedly exemplifies that value. Next time you stroll through campus walk, take the time to look around and take in this beautiful landscape we call home.