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Brett Kavanaugh does not possess the qualities expected of a Supreme Court Justice

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By MATTHEW LEIBOWITZ  Staff Writer "Bi-partisan polarization is at an all time high in this country and its divide has never felt more rigid."

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Deep State. A term that’s been thrown around more than a few times in the last year. Whether it’s been Democrats talking about the blatant corruption seen in Washington or, more likely, the Republicans blaming every single thing around them rather than taking responsibility for their actions in recent months. Regardless, bi-partisan polarization is at an all time high in this country and its divide has never felt more rigid.

The most recent development of this week is centralized in the very heated topic of Brett Kavanaugh. Before getting into the obvious lies coming from a prominent judge, take a step back and look at the overall position he’s “applying” for.

The nomination for a Supreme Court Justice is no walk in the park. It is, after all, one of the highest positions a person can achieve in this country. Not only does it require a congressional vote for approval, but the approval must also go through our president. Once accepted, it’s a life-long position to be held until a judge decides to resign and pass down the torch to another. Not only that, but the ideas the judge must possess are, in theory, supposed to be unbiased. The Supreme Court isn’t supposed to hold affiliations to either party, and once again in theory, are supposed to weigh both sides and act for the right of law, not the right of politics, corruption, corporations, and every other power that is currently running rampant through America. As anyone would expect, these nominees are meant to be heavily vetted and thoroughly examined.

That brings us back to the occurrences that have taken place this week and the blatant disregard for law and operations that are seen as standard for this position. What has happened this week in the congressional hearing regarding Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was nothing short of a sexist, misogynistic trampling in the name of a person who is supposed to be unbiased and judicial.

Dr. Ford was a true American hero. In the face of Congress, she stood strong, controlled and well-behaved. She never once interrupted anyone and withstood the criminal-like accusations and cross-examining that was presented to her. Kavanaugh, on the other hand, often interrupted female senators that were a part of the board and acted like an upset child in the face of his own lies. He claimed earlier this week that he never got drunk, never had sex until years after high school, and that his calendar was strong enough proof that he wouldn’t have attended any parties in question. During the hearing, when asked by Senator Klobuchar (Minnesota, Dem.) if he had ever gotten blackout drunk, Kavanaugh diverted the question with his own: “You’re asking about blackout. I don’t know, have you?”

This is the face that the Republican body of Congress is trying to expedite quickly into his life-long position.

How did we get here? Clearly, something has gone wrong with the vetting process if, out of 5+ possible nominees, of which there were female Republicans, how did our nation end up with the nominee who is an accused sexual predator? To answer this, we have to go back to the previous term held by President Barack Obama.

Found here is the realization that the Republican dominant Congress delayed the nomination process and said it should be decided by the next President in office. Yet after delaying it because it’s such an important decision, now they want to speed up the process. It seems that this decision is no longer being decided for unbiased accuracy, but is being hurried along to secure party control and power within multiple branches of the government, certainly working in Kavanaugh’s favor.

What it comes down to, all allegations aside, are a few questions every American should ask themselves, no matter what party they consider themselves to be a part of; is this man fit to serve on such a highly respected panel of judges? Does he possess the qualities of a Supreme Court Judge? Will he put his own bias aside and decide what’s best for our country and follow the law he’ll be in position to uphold?

After watching the entirety of the congressional hearing held on Thursday, Sept. 27, I stand with Dr. Ford and her account of a high school age Kavanaugh. It took a tremendous amount of strength to do what she did. But is that enough? Do people honestly think after the manner of which he has conducted himself on a national platform that he’s someone they would want to be a Supreme Court Justice? In the wake of this last week’s events, we, as a nation, need to seriously contemplate what it means to be a Supreme Court Justice. Kavanaugh is a disgrace to American democracy and lacks the character required of such a prestigious position.