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Students build community with new “Magic: The Gathering” club

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“Magic: The Gathering” is coming to UMW via a club founded by sophomore Sean Manlove. “Magic” is a strategy card game with many formats of play to spice up each gaming experience. The club is expected to be recognized by UMW by the middle of October.
The game is social by nature with games range from two players to four or more players.

“UMW needs a ‘Magic: The Gathering’ club because there are already many new and returning players who would benefit from a place to enjoy the game and more of an organized experience as a group,” said Manlove.
Manlove’s goal in starting the club is to build a community that includes returning players as well as introducing new players to a unique and welcoming environment.

“I’m starting this club because I have always enjoyed the communal aspect of games and I am certain that a community formed around ‘Magic’ would be both a strategically challenging experience and a great place to make friends,” said Manlove.  

Students are looking forward to joining the club.
“I’m a big fan of ‘MTG,’ and would love to hone my skills,” said sophomore Gus Grohmann.

“[I’m] looking forward to having a ‘Magic: The Gathering’ community at the university. The lack of a local shop makes it difficult to meet players,” said sophomore Matthew Bova.

The closest gaming store near the school was The Sorcery in downtown Fredericksburg that closed in January 2019, limiting the places where “Magic” players could gather to play and meet new people.

Sophomore Nathan Marshak said he’s excited to join “for some thrilling competitions, a chance to test out different strategies and decks, and have the opportunity to enjoy a hobby with like-minded people.”

There are also players who want a place where they can practice and become better at the game in a non-stressful environment.

The “Magic: the Gathering” club is a very casual club where meetings are not mandatory. The club, once it grows to a large enough size and has a supporting community, will hold tournaments and events where players can compete to win prizes.

Welcoming new players to the game and teaching them how to play, as well as providing a social environment for people who share a common interest and having a great time are all goals of this budding club.