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Netflix binge list: top picks for spooky season

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Many popular movies can be found on Netflix that are perfect for Halloween / GamesRadar


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“Coraline” (2006)

“Coraline” is a Halloween stop-motion classic directed by Henry Selick. Coraline, voiced by Dakota Fanning, is a curious young girl who discovers a secret alternate universe in her own home. This alternate universe is what every child wishes their life was like, complete with bright colors and parents who are actually fun. But she quickly discovers that this other world is not so great after all.

“Coraline” is a fun movie that has something for everyone. There’s humor, an element of horror and excellent animation. It’s nostalgic, and not too spooky, so you’ll still be able to sleep at night.

“Scream” (1996)

Directed by Wes Craven, “Scream” is one of the highest-grossing slasher films in history. Set in the small town of Woodsboro, “Scream” follows a string of murders inspired by famous horror movies, and the genre in entirety. It begins with the iconic scene where Ghostface, the killer, calls high schooler Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore), and asks her questions about horror movies. Everyone’s a suspect in the murders, and no one knows who’s stalking who.

“Scream” laughs at the entire horror genre while still keeping its viewers on their feet. It can be a little much for some, due to the gore of some of the murders, but overall it’s a classic.

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” (2018-)

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is Netflix’s darker take on Archie Comics series “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, “Sabrina” is a modern alternative to the original comic and show. Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka), is a teenage witch struggling to reconcile her two worlds– the dark, magical one filled with evil and her mortal, teenage world.
“Sabrina” is the perfect show to start spooky season. It isn’t too scary, and much like “Riverdale,” it has a great mix of fun and drama. Shipka is the perfect Sabrina. She combines teen angst with the dark magic that “Sabrina” promises.

“My Babysitter’s a Vampire: The Movie” (2010)

“My Babysitter’s a Vampire: The Movie” is a made-for-TV movie that every Disney kid would know. Directed by Bruce McDonald, it’s part spoof, part family movie and part horror. This movie follows Ethan Morgan (Matthew Knight), a geeky high school boy whose babysitter, Sarah (Vanessa Morgan), is not who she seems. She’s a vampire, but only a fledgling, and she wants to save her friends from being bitten at a vampire party. The vampire party isn’t all, and now there’s an evil vampire leader attempting to resurrect more vampires.

“My Babysitter’s a Vampire: The Movie” truly is a walk down memory lane for those of us that religiously watched Disney Channel. It promises camp, but has a somewhat hard-to-follow plot. However, where a Disney Channel original movie is concerned, all flaws are forgiven because it’s just fun.

“The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell” (2018)

“The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell” premiered last year around Halloween. It stars Christine McConnell who became famous on Instagram for her spooky treats and Halloween-themed decorations. The show includes a few animatronics, including a raccoon named Rose and the mummified remains of a cat named Rankle. Throughout the show, McConnell hosts various guests and bakes interesting and unique desserts. She also creates objects such as hand-carved candles and a ball gown.
“The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell” is a crowd-pleasing show that highlights McConnell’s talents and unique aesthetic. It’s fun and playful, and is a good break from the scarier options.