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Tennis freshman honored following fall season success

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Abby Moghtader swings her racket to return an oncoming ball

Abby Moghtader won both of her singles matches and her double matches. (UMW Athletics)

By Lily Silva
Staff Writer

Abby Moghtader is a freshman on the UMW tennis team.

Although in her first year at UMW, Moghtader has played tennis her entire life. In UMW’s short, fall season, she won almost every match she played. Recently, she won the CAC Women’s Tennis Athlete of the Week honors for her outstanding performance over spring break in California where UMW played two teams in their conference. UMW beat both schools and Moghtader won both of her singles matches and her double matches and was awarded this honor for her hard work and talent.

While Moghtader has received many honors in high school for her tennis skills, this is her first award and recognition for tennis in college.

Since the fall season went well, Moghtader was eager to begin the first official spring season of her collegiate career.

The athlete has quickly bonded with her fellow teammates and finds tennis to be a true passion. She said, “the best part is the people on the team, they are amazing people.” The spring season had been very exciting for UMW women’s tennis, as they were so far undefeated. Unfortunately, the remainder of the season has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moghtader’s dedication to tennis and the UMW team is evident, and she displays perseverance. The freshman sprained her ankle during a match and still continued to play, finished the match and claimed the win.

“[I’m] honored to be recognized being on this amazing team of amazing players,” said Moghtader. With the season being suspended her first year of personal triumph at UMW has been abruptly cut short. Still, she is greatly looking forward to the next three years of playing tennis for the University of Mary Washington.