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The Netflix comedy New Girl is a must-see for college students

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The Netflix sitcom "New Girl" is a must-see show for all college-age students who are looking for a funny and relatable new show. | Ray Mickshaw / FOX


Staff Writer

There are a lot of shows to binge watch or have on in the background while studying and doing work, but, in my opinion, the best show that has not gone out of style is New Girl. A classic, timeless show, New Girl, which premiered in 2011, is great to watch repeatedly with never-ending enjoyment and is perfect for college-age viewers.

This television sitcom is about a newly broken-up woman who moves into a loft with three men. The main characters all have their quirks and can usually be seen getting into arguments and dilemmas but, at the end of the day, they all support each other. This show has a lot of romance, and it is easy to watch, as the drama does not totally envelop the viewer or stress them out. Love triangles, roommate fights and hilarious plots are what make this show entertaining.  

Although this show is a bit predictable, that is what makes it great to put on in the background or binge watch. The plot varies between episodes, but it circles around each character, and specifically the main character Jess, finding a romantic partner. The plot is entertaining and lets the show have a steady flow of characters coming in and out. I find the general plot points somewhat repetitive, but they throw in some twists and curveballs to keep my attention. The show is usually positive and consistently funny, often leaving me in laughing fits alone in my room before bed. There are so many humorous quotes, and I still find memes from the show, proving that it is still relevant to what college-age kids are going through today. 

The casting of this show was incredibly well done. The acting done by each character is hilarious, entertaining and spot-on, shown by the balance of unrealistic plot structure and realistic personalities (many of us know a bubbly and often naive “Jessica Day” in our lives, an egotistical and guarded “Schmidt” and a sensitive, caring, yet sometimes dull “Nick Miller”). The characters are all very different from each other, so anyone watching it is likely to have a favorite character. The show also has some occasional guest appearances of well-known celebrities, such as Megan Fox, Dylan O’Brien and even former Disney star Brenda Song, making it even more amusing to watch since you never know when a major celebrity will show up in the middle of a heated plot.  

The cinematography of New Girl was executed extremely well. The lighting was always at a perfect measure and left the set well-lit, and the camera shots provided make it feel as if you are in the room with them while they’re having their zany and awkward conversations. The camera placement and movements were simple yet engaging, like that of The Office. In this television show, they tend to use quick shots, which can come off as overwhelming to some, but I don’t feel that way. There is not really a certain aesthetic to the show, making it appear more light-hearted. There is also no fake laughter or audience reactions in the background, which makes it more enjoyable and less corny.  

New Girl is a timeless situational comedy because of its elaborate plots that show how finding love is a frequent problem for all people. The variety of characters and simple concepts are also a plus. New Girl can be summed up as a fun and easygoing show for people who would rather not get too invested in a stressful, dramatic series. The show makes me forget about all my personal messes and responsibilities, leaving the experience purely relaxing and entertaining. 

Overall, I recommend this show for anyone in college or their early 20’s because the characters’ chaotic lives make me feel as if I almost have my life in order; they show that it is okay to not be perfect or have everything figured out. It has also helped me relieve stress during the COVID pandemic. The show transports its audience into a world where crazy adventures and love triangles are the only things to fret about. Check it out on Netflix if you haven’t already, and get ready to laugh hysterically!