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Photo essay: Students react to a rainy day on campus

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Junior Vaishnavi Visveswaran taking a simple stroll passing the University Center in the rain. Megan Mercuro / The Blue & Gray Press


Staff Writer

Rainy days are both loved and hated by many. They can remind us of nostalgia, happiness, sadness and always leave us with something beautiful. In the busy life of a college student, sometimes we don’t know what the weather holds, so we come unprepared. For me, the unpreparedness of rain has always been a bit of a struggle, but also a bit of a laugh. 

As I’m walking across campus in the rain, I always see two types of students. The ones who come prepared with an umbrella, a rain jacket and boots simply strolling along College Avenue. Then there are the students that don’t come prepared and are absolutely drenched. They are either accepting their fate in the rain, embracing it or running away from it. I have always found this hilarious; even on the darkest and rainiest of days, the people running in the rain bring a smile to others’ faces.

These photos were taken all in one day as I was walking around campus. They depict students experiencing the rain differently; some wearing rainy attire, others wearing everyday clothes; some wearing faces of stress and anger, others experiencing joy; some are in the midst of the rain, running back to their dorms or to shelter, others jumping in rain puddles or just strolling along with an umbrella.  Even in the darkest and rainiest of days, there is still a little bit of joy and fun to be had.

A couple protecting each other from the rain passing Jefferson Square.
Megan Mercuro / The Blue & Gray Press
 A fast dash out of the rain along Campus Walk.   Megan Mercuro / The Blue & Gray Press
Taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the rain in the underpass of Eagles nest.
Megan Mercuro / The Blue & Gray Press
Junior Simon Jones making a splash in the rain outside of Bushnell.
Megan Mercuro / The Blue & Gray Press
Sophomore Willow Candge dancing in the rain.   
Megan Mercuro / The Blue & Gray Press