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Photo essay: A tour of newly-renovated Seacobeck Hall

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The main entrance to Seacobeck Hall is located off of College Avenue. The front door is surrounded by four tall white columns. Mariam Ahmed / The Weekly Ringer


Staff Photographer

For more than 80 years, Seacobeck Hall was UMW’s main campus dining facility. However, after undergoing four and a half years of renovation, Seacobeck is now the building for the College of Education and the Office of Disability Resources. Seacobeck was specifically designed for education students, from the curriculum lab to the maker lab to the collaboration spaces. The new technology gives students the opportunity to learn about and work on different teaching skills and techniques. For those of you who haven’t wandered its halls, here’s a tour of the newly-renovated Seacobeck Hall.

 In the center of Seacobeck is a unique set of stairs that functions both for students to use as a study space and for connecting the first and second floors.
Mariam Ahmed / The Weekly Ringer
The spacious dome room towards the back of Seacobeck hall offers lots of sunlight and cozy seating.
Mariam Ahmed / The Weekly Ringer
Throughout Seacobeck, there are multiple rooms available for student collaboration.
Mariam Ahmed / The Weekly Ringer
The curriculum lab is located on the ground floor with various teaching materials, such as textbooks and wooden blocks, available for education majors to use.
Mariam Ahmed/ The Weekly Ringer
Multiple small and quiet lounging areas are located on the top level. Large sofas, sofa chairs and laptop desks are located throughout the building where students can collaborate and work.
Mariam Ahmed / The Weekly Ringer
This large classroom is on the top level of Seacobeck. It features multiple tables, each with their own TV, to allow for student collaboration.
Mariam Ahmed / The Weekly Ringer