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Recent Release Radio: Songs that flew under the radar over the summer

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Arctic Monkeys released a new song at the end of August this year. Jisu Han | Unsplash


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After a summer of back-to-back, radio-dominating songs, many artists have had songs that have flown under the radar that deserve some attention. Artists such as Lizzo, Jack Harlow, Beyonce and Drake have released instant hits over the past few months, leaving little to no room for smaller artists to shine and show off their discography. Here are two songs you might’ve missed but are totally worth the listen.

“There’d Better Be A Mirrorball” by Arctic Monkeys

One of the songs that went largely unnoticed by the general public was “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball” by Arctic Monkeys, which dropped on Aug. 30 and sent their fanbase into a frenzy. The band, after not releasing any new songs for years, dropped a single, album title and album release date all in one day, which was something worth celebrating. 

The song opens with a soft jazz, hi-hat-snare drum rhythm and a string section, something that Alex Turner, lead singer and front man, may have brought back from his time in the band, The Last Shadow Puppets. The song surprised me at first, as the band once again strayed away from the old grunge garage rock sound that they became popular for and picked up where they left off with “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino” in 2018. The song reminds me of a tune you’d hear in a fancy nightclub. 

Turner has perfected his smooth and high tone delivery with his singing, which he carries into this new release and I expect to hear in the band’s new album. His lyrics are also noteworthy, speaking about the band and his personal life since the release of their last album in 2018. The lyrics can be read as the story of a pair of lovers going through a breakup, while the main character, the singer, is noticing that his lover has changed and there’s no desire to save the relationship. 

Lyrics such as, “Don’t get emotional, that ain’t like you / Yesterday’s still leaking through the roof” and “I’d throw the rose tint back on the exploded view / Darling, if I were you” echo the sentiment of a faltering relationship. 

However, the lyrics could also be an introspective commentary on the band’s relationship with their fans because of their past releases. Similar to a few tracks on “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino,” their style in “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball” takes a sharp turn away from their usual hard rock and heavy guitar sounds, focusing more on the bass, piano and other ethereal sounds. Thus, the song could be Turner attempting to speak to the fans directly, asking them if they’re willing to walk into this next chapter with him, implying that the mirror ball is a new sound for the band to explore.

 “Deep End” by Dayglow

Another song that was released this summer is “Deep End” by Dayglow, which is the second single from the band’s next studio album “People In Motion.” The song picks right back up where Sloan Struble, the lead singer, left off with his second album, “Harmony House,” by reviving the upbeat disco instrumental sound and tempo that gets you up and dancing. He’s bounced around in the past with his sound, starting off with a more child-like, guitar-heavy, nostalgia-driving theme to something more groovy and quite retro in nature. Struble somehow manages to tug at your heartstrings and make you want to get up and dance all on the same record. His duality is not something to overlook and is a skill a lot of artists struggle to master, especially in the same album. 

Many of Struble’s songs are a reflection on his lived experience, with “Harmony House” being about his time right before and during the pandemic. This song appears to be following that pattern with lyrics like, “Oh, I’ve made it so much harder than it has to be / Cause I’ve gotta want it / And feel like oh, man / We can go and go and go and go ’til nothing is / Oh, I’m sure we can / It’s coming in phases” in the chorus. Struble has an amazing way of writing lyrics that are so universally understood and have a way of moving people that’s undeniable. He’s definitely an artist that’s coming into his own and will most likely continue to grow in popularity after each release.

“Deep End” was released by Dayglow in Aug. 2022. | @dayglowband, Instagram