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Astrology highlight: October’s full moon and partial solar eclipse will lead to emotional intensity

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The full moon will take place on Oct. 9 and will be a good time to seek balance. Griffin Wooldridge /


Staff Writer

Full Moon in Aries: Oct. 9

On Oct. 9, the full moon will appear in the sign of Aries. A full moon in Aries, the bold fire sign of leadership, assertiveness and notorious temper, encourages us to lean into our courageousness and confidence when asserting ourselves in our personal lives and relationships. However, as it is the nature of the moon and the sun to represent opposites, the sun this month falls into the sign of Libra: Aries’s opposition. Libras, known for their need for deliberation and careful compromise, are at odds with the fiery independence of Aries in the zodiac, which once again redirects us to use the full moon as an opportunity to seek balance. 

What will this sun and moon opposition represent for us in our personal lives? Astrologer Annie Heese writes that for this full moon, we are encouraged to “strike a balance between meeting our personal needs and attending to the needs of a significant other, and between independence or autonomy and dependence or companionability.” Feelings and thoughts are bubbling to the surface, and fueled by Aries’ desire for honest communication and open hearts, this month may lead to emotional conversations that may have been held back until this point. This is the time to express what we may have been holding back and let our emotional revelations shine through. The Aries full moon encourages us to speak authentically about our emotions and let out whatever we have been bottling up—but do this with care. Remembering the influence of our Libra sun, it will be important to conduct such emotionally driven conversations with care and diplomacy. Our feelings at this time can quickly become volatile or even irrational, and we may begin to doubt our personal strength and resolve while we process those feelings brought up in this lunar cycle. Libra’s thoughtful influence reminds Aries to still seek balance and demonstrate consideration for those in our lives who our emotions may affect. 

This full moon will affect those with Libra, Capricorn, Cancer and Aries placements in their personal planets (their Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars signs) most prominently. To best view the full moon, head to the Amphitheater’s open seating or Ball Circle’s Adirondack chairs for a clear view of the moon from UMW’s campus. 

Partial Solar Eclipse: Oct. 25

There is a new moon solar eclipse taking place on Oct. 25, eclipsing the new moon of Scorpio. Solar eclipses, which always will take place around the new moon, are all about tying up loose ends in our personal lives, working to transform our internal selves and planning to ensure a bountiful future. 

This particular combination of new moon and solar eclipse will be emotionally intense, as Scorpio is known for its deep and intense way of expressing and understanding their feelings and the feelings of others. Deeply contemplative and connected to darker aspects of life, Scorpio may seem like an intimidating sign, but it also represents personal transformation and intense bonds with other people. 

The team at Moon Omens writes that this solar eclipse “marks the start of a journey colored by emotional intensity, tenacity, and rawness, during which we may find ourselves trying to discover the most unconscious intentions, motivations, and desires driving ourselves and others.” 

The new moon and solar eclipse mark this year’s spooky season with serious changes in our ideas of personal identity, our relationships with those closest to us and what holds meaning for us. This period is built to foster introspection and re-evaluation of ourselves and our interactions with others. Look at what motivates you and what drives you forward. Are you still pushed forward by those motivations, or is it time for an overhaul? What do you want to motivate you? Deep down, what really fuels you, and what will be the most helpful in healing and growing during this emotionally rich moment in the year? Issues with trust and intimacy are likely to emerge during this time, so think carefully about those around you and if those relationships are still what you need. Don’t be afraid to look deep within yourself for the truth you may have been trying to avoid confronting; if there is any time to make the changes to transform your life, emotionally intense Scorpio and the transformative solar eclipse will ensure its possibility.