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Cardio floor at Goolrick Hall receives routine equipment upgrades

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Treadmills and ellipticals are among some of the machines that received upgrades. | Kelsey Steinbauer, The Weekly Ringer


Staff Writer

UMW’s campus gym has recently updated its cardio machines and various equipment with new models available for student use.

“We operate on a three-year rental contract with our cardio equipment company, Matrix,” said Anna Del Zingaro, a graduate student in the five-year elementary education program and the facility manager for the Department of Campus Recreation. “Every three years we receive new, updated cardio equipment from the company. Having this partnership is great as it allows us to receive updated equipment every few years.” 

According to Del Zingaro, though it was time to replace the equipment with new and updated machines due to a lease change, there was some visual wear and tear on the old equipment. 

“The previous cardio equipment didn’t cause major issues or delays, although, during COVID-19 we had to use a special COVID-19 cleaner, which created some wear and tear on the equipment,” she said.

Other equipment that gym-goers may rent from the front desk was replaced as well, including basketballs, volleyballs, kickballs and barbell pads, Del Zingaro said.

Junior business administration major Alex Rokow noticed the new treadmills.

“I think the majority of equipment in there is actually very nice,” he said. “I didn’t notice a lot of wear and tear.” 

Del Zingaro has been with the Campus Recreation staff team since 2019. She was present in the program when the previous equipment was installed in the gym in the summer of 2019, and she recently helped incorporate the new equipment into the gym. 

Olivia Pearce, a sophomore biology major, also works as a staff member for the Department of Campus Recreation. 

“I think lots of students use the gym already, but I have definitely seen more students going upstairs to see what we have that’s new,” she said. 

The newly installed cardio equipment has brought more gym patrons, Del Zingaro said.

“Since we received the new equipment, I have definitely seen an increase of patrons coming into the gym and using our cardio equipment,” said Del Zingaro. 

However, Rokow wishes there was more equipment.

“I think what is needed is more equipment, not new equipment,” said Rokow. “The cable machine is always in use and I believe some more dumbbells couldn’t hurt.”

In addition to the quality of the new machines, the new equipment also provides programs for users to follow. Patrons are able to easily access a cardio-sprint intensive workout program to complete on numerous cardio equipment. 

“One thing with our new equipment that wasn’t with our old equipment is 6 of our machines are set up for the Sprint-8 Program, which is a cardio sprint-intensity interval program,” Del Zingaro said. “The program is already set up on two treadmills, two ellipticals, and two recumbent bikes but can also be added to other cardio equipment as well. This program can be utilized by patrons themselves and will be also incorporated as Group Fitness Class after Fall Break.” 

Josephine Good contributed to reporting for this article.