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UMW Galleries presents Raw & Unfinished: Works from UMW’s Permanent Collection

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A blue corner, with four framed sketches.

There are artist biographies by their respective artwork. | Sarah Sklar, The Weekly Ringer


Photography Editor & Life Editor

UMW Galleries has unveiled a new exhibit called Raw & Unfinished: Works from UMW’s Permanent Collection. The exhibit was curated by the interns at the Ridderhof Martin Gallery: senior studio art and English major Emma Bower; junior historic preservation and art history major Alice McCoy; senior historic preservation major Roland Diaz;  junior studio art major Margaret Neafsey; senior art history major Ashlee Perkins; and senior studio art major Paula Zuleta. It features works of Salvador Dali, Phillis Ridderhof Martin, Alfred Levitt, Julien Binford and Margaret Sutton. There is also a digital reproduction of Picasso’s “Ronde de la Jeunesse” from 1959.

Phillis Ridderhof Martin’s “Self Portrait with Blue and Red Lines.” | Sarah Sklar, The Weekly Ringer
Salvador Dali’s “Don Quixote.” | Sarah Sklar, The Weekly Ringer
Phillis Ridderhof Martin’s “Three Figures.” | Sarah Sklar, The Weekly Ringer
Alfred Levitt’s “Female Figure.” | Sarah Sklar, The Weekly Ringer

The name of the exhibit showcases the artistic process by emphasizing the beginnings of a piece of artwork and how they are each worthy of display. To get visitors involved, there is a new interactive exhibit in the lobby in which participants can sketch, write or make origami. They can pin their work to the corkboard next to the table and become a part of the exhibit. 

Visitors can pin their own artwork to a corkboard in the lobby. | Sarah Sklar, The Weekly Ringer

The gallery opened on Nov. 3 and will remain open until Dec. 4 at the Ridderhof Martin Gallery between Wednesday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Josephine Johnson contributed to reporting for this article.