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Swifties skip class for Eras Tour tickets: “I would do it all again in a heartbeat if it means seeing Taylor.”

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Taylor Swift, a blonde woman sits with her back to the camera at a keyboard.

Taylor Swift is set to perform 52 shows between March and August 2023. | @TaylorSwift, Instagram


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Some Taylor Swift fans at UMW skipped their classes on Tuesday, Nov. 15 to join the millions attempting to purchase tickets for Swift’s “The Eras Tour.” Ticketmaster Verified Fan Presale went live on Tuesday, Nov. 15, and prospective buyers were met with website errors ranging from full page crashes to invalid presale codes.

“Ticketmaster was super frustrating to work with because I had to skip all my classes just to even get a shot at getting tickets,” said freshman Daniella Asnicar, who waited in the queue during her classes.

Freshman Amber Candido waited in the Ticketmaster queue for six hours but was ultimately unable to purchase tickets during the presale. She planned to try again during Ticketmaster’s Capital One cardholder presale on Wednesday, Nov. 16 but was discouraged by her inability to get tickets on Tuesday.

“It was unpleasant and stressful,” she said.

Students were not anticipating the hours-long wait times that would interfere with their classes.

“I didn’t expect getting tickets would take up an entire day,” said freshman Sabrina Perez. “It was quite frustrating and nerve racking of there being a possibility of getting kicked out in the queue.” 

Perez did not get verified for the presale, so she had to rely on a friend to skip her classes and secure tickets for her group.

“Unfortunately I got waitlisted from getting the presale,” she said. “Luckily I did get tickets. My friend skipped her classes in order to get them for our group. It was a larger group and we were able to get tickets in the nosebleeds.”

After waiting in line for about four hours, Asnicar eventually got tickets as well but was not pleased by the fees.

“The fees were ridiculous,” she said. “I bought three of the cheapest tickets available, $109 each, and the fees were $111… the price of another ticket.”

However, she said the fees and skipping her classes were worth it.

“I would do it all again in a heartbeat if it means seeing Taylor but there’s no way there’s not a better way Ticketmaster could’ve done things,” she said.

Perez also said the tickets were worth the wait.

“I expected high fees as mostly social media prepared for that to come,” she said. “I’d pay anything to see Taylor. On top of that the ticket price was not bad at all, well worth the wait.”