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Meet the Editors: Spotify Wrapped edition

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Colorful boxes with pictures of the musicians and top five songs and genres.

Spotify wrapped shows the summary of a listener's music taste. | The Weekly Ringer

Jess Kirby, Editor-in-Chief

I feel like my Spotify Wrapped reflects my music at the beginning of 2022, not the entire year. However, I was in the top 0.5% of Greta Van Fleet listeners, so I can’t really argue with that. My No. 3 song, “When You’re Around,” is still one of my favorites, as I played that a lot when I first started dating my boyfriend in April. And finally, even though I don’t feel like I listen to much Coldplay, “Green Eyes” and “Don’t Panic” will never get old.

Josephine Johnson, Associate Editor

“Unfortunately this represents me pretty well, although it’s more a combination of the last few months rather than the whole year. I’m a huge fan of Ashnikko and Mother Mother, and I’ve been listening to Ride the Cyclone on repeat.”

Josephine Good, Life Editor

“I don’t think this accurately represents my music taste at all! I listen to a lot of indie-acoustic music and punk now but I guess since I’ve only had Spotify for a few months they haven’t gotten to know me well enough. Next year, David Kushner. Next year.”

Abby Knowles, Opinion Editor

“This definitely represents my music taste, I am an avid Taylor Swift fan and she’s been my top artist for years. I listened to “Getaway Car” an unhealthy amount of times so that is for sure accurate!”

Grace Schumacher, Copy Editor

“I’m not too surprised by the smorgasbord of songs Spotify compiled for me. I’m not big on making playlists, so I usually just whack the shuffle button when I listen to music!”

Callie Harkins, News Editor

“I think my Spotify Wrapped accurately represents my music taste. The one thing though is that my most listened to song of the year had the most listens on January 5th so I totally forgot I was even obsessed with it.”