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Photo essay: Spring came early this year

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Outside of Arrington Hall, one of the residence halls on campus, students can be seen reading and enjoying the beautiful weather underneath a stunning pink tree. As spring begins, UMW students are eager to get out of their dorms and work outside while soaking up some vitamin D. | Abbey Magnet, The Weekly Ringer


Staff Photographer

Spring came early this year, with many ups and downs in the temperature and general weather conditions throughout February and March. As a result, UMW’s campus has started to bloom, even if we’re still layering up before leaving our rooms. Though it is still mid-March, we are already seeing plenty of sunny days with flowers blooming left and right. Flowers typically begin to bloom in April; however, since there have been many unusually warm days lately, spring has come early. Trees have begun to fill with leaves, and the flowers blooming beautifully around campus have been a welcome sight. The sun has been shining, giving an exquisite glow to the pathways and people on campus. Though it is a bit early to be seeing spring fully come to life at Mary Washington, the warm weather we have been treated with sporadically has given students the opportunity to spend more time outside while becoming one with nature.

Small white flowers bloom by UMW’s Bell Tower. Mary Washington’s iconic landmark becomes beautifully decorated in spring, encouraging visitors and students to step outside and focus on our campus’ natural beauty.