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“We win and lose as a team”: Women’s soccer team beats St. Mary’s 2-0

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A blonde female soccer player with a light blue jersey runs toward the goal on a soccer field


Photo Editor

Mary Washington’s women’s soccer team defeated St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2–0 on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

Junior biomedical sciences major Eliza Franklin scored the first goal of the night, with junior business administration major Jazzy Imanverdi making the second and final goal of the evening. 

The team celebrated their victory, as it was an “important game” for them to win, Imanverdi said, with their upcoming redemption game on Saturday, Oct. 14 against Christopher Newport University. The Eagles lost against Christopher Newport 0–5 on Oct. 7 and are looking forward to taking on the challenge and hopefully claiming a victory.

Head coach Scott Gerseny says that he’s excited for the upcoming game, as Mary Wash has “a very young and talented group” and they “learned a lot from the last game” against Christopher Newport.

The players touched on the value of being part of a team.

“I definitely like just working as a team better,” Franklin said. “I tried individual sports like track and stuff and I always just felt like it’s so much pressure on the individual, whereas here we win and lose as a team. … There’s 30 other people that are there to lift you up.”

Imanverdi agreed. “I think our team in particular, we work better as a team rather than just individual efforts,” she said.

As a coach, Gerseny said, “I think the most rewarding part is just working with college-aged athletes and helping them through their lives, and watching them grow into full adults ready to take on life.”