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Meet the Editors: Spotify Wrapped Edition 2023

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Charlie Li, Life Editor
Surf Curse is definitely my number one artist, as I was in their top 0.005%, and I’ve gone to two of their packed concerts: one in New York and one in Washington, D.C. where they opened for Greta Van Fleet. My music taste has been shifting more towards rock this second half of the year, and my current favorite artist to listen to would have to be Hot Mulligan. My favorite song from them that I have on repeat, is “I Fell In Love With Princess Peach.”

Davy Washington, Online Editor
I’ve been in the top .001% of listeners for Summer Salt for the past three years, so I’m not surprised that they were my top artist. However, I didn’t think I listened to enough Lil Yachty to make three of his songs in my top five. Overall, I need everyone to stop sleeping on Lil Boat, and I’m happy that the band I DON’T KNOW BUT THEY FOUND ME got up there. Dallon Weekes, the lead singer of the band, is a genius, and I’m excited for their upcoming album “GLOOM DIVISION.”

Norah Walsh, Editor-in-Chief
I think my Spotify Wrapped accurately represents who and what I listened to this year, and Mac Miller continues to be my top artist for yet another year, which proves that his sound and creativity never falter. I also wanted to highlight my top podcast, which was NPR’s “Ted Radio Hour,” as it keeps me company when I’m traveling alone, and I always learn fascinating information in every episode.

Ky Huynh, News Editor
My top artists definitely showcase the idea that I listen to different genres, such as pop, R&B and country to name a few. I’ve listened to John Mayer since I was in high school when I started playing the guitar, but this year I began listening to more SZA, especially her most recent album, “SOS.” I’m surprised that Jack Johnson isn’t on there, though, and his song “Better Together” was the song of the summer for me.

Abbey Magnet, Photo & Sports Editor

According to Spotify Wrapped, I’m a collector of music, and my sound town is Eau Claire, United States. I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s “1989” nonstop since it was released, however, I’m surprised that Sean Stemaly wasn’t one of my top artists because I’ve listened to his music a lot during the past year. That being said, I do think that Spotify Wrapped gives an accurate representation of the genres I enjoyed the most.

Callie Harkins, Associate Editor

I saw all of my top five artists live in concert this year. I saw The 1975 four times: First in Dublin, Ireland; next in Baltimore, Md.; then in Philadelphia, Penn.; and, finally, in Montreal, Quebec. I also attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour three times: Twice in Philadelphia, Penn., and again in Los Angeles, Calif. Lastly, I saw boygenius—Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus’ band—twice in Columbia, Md.