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Staff Editorial: The Weekly Ringer welcomes new staff

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Four students with their backs to the camera are looking at computer screens as they work.

Abbey Magnet and Ky Huynh train their editorial replacements, Thomas Jackson and Emma Kingkeo. | Norah Walsh, The Weekly Ringer


The end of the year is always bittersweet. Friends who live nearby on campus return home—sometimes to other states or countries—and the usual schedule that we have been accustomed to morphs into a new rhythm until we reunite in the fall. For The Weekly Ringer, our twenty-fourth issue of the 2023–2024 academic year marks the end of our publication cycle until the fall semester, and we welcome a new cohort of editors to our editorial board.  

For the 2024–2025 academic year, we present: 

Editor-in-Chief: Callie Harkins 

Associate Editor: Ky Huynh

News Editor: Emma Kingkeo

Life Editor: Grace Wagner

Opinion Editor: Claire Marshall Watkins 

Sports Editor: Thomas Jackson 

Online Editors: Abbey Magnet and Davy Washington

Photo Editor: Abbey Magnet

But this period also means we must say our goodbyes to our graduating editors who have dedicated their time to The Weekly Ringer.

We bid farewell to: 

Editor-in-Chief: Norah Walsh 

Life Editor: Charlie Li

Throughout this year, we have worked with Practicum Journalism students who diligently staff our newspaper. With the help of Lindley Estes, who served as our interim faculty advisor during the Fall 2023 semester, and Sushma Subramanian, our current and usual faculty advisor, we have become better student journalists, integrating accountability, responsibility and transparency as much as we know how. With every issue, we seek to challenge ourselves with articles about campus, and we also strive to supplement the Fredericksburg area with our reporting as it relates to UMW’s larger presence in the city.

This staff editorial was led by Norah Walsh.