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Staff Ed: What We’re Missing About UMW

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The Blue & Gray Press


We hope this staff editorial finds you well in these strange and uncertain times… just kidding.

Seriously, we hope you’re all doing okay. (And we want you to know that it’s okay to not be okay.)

This is the last edition of The Blue & Gray this year, and it’s certainly not ending the way we thought it would. Below is a brief list of the people and things we’re really missing right now.

Sunny days on Ball Circle. 

Dogwood flowers and cherry blossoms on campus.

Devil Goat Day.

Print newspaper – is there any better feeling than picking up your weekly copy of The B&G?

Sushi at the Nest.

Dora at the Nest.

Professors! Office hours!

The five minutes before class when you catch up with your friends that you only speak to in class.

Non-Zoom interaction.

Dogs on Campus Walk.

The outgoing editorial staff of The Blue & Gray Press:

Lauren Closs, Editor in Chief

Ginny Bixby, Associate Editor

Grace Winfield, Associate Editor

Lucas Burkholder, Managing Editor

Alicen Hackney, Viewpoints Editor

Jack Hagn, Sports Editor

Meaghan McIntyre, Online Editor

Sam Cobb, Online Editor

Cayley McGuire, Photography Editor

Thank you for everything.

We also want to welcome the 2020-2021 editorial staff:

Kate Seltzer, Editor in Chief; Abigail Buchholz and Cosmy Pellis, Associate Editors; Jess Kirby and Josephine Johnson, News; Erin Matuczinski, Life; Abigail Weber, Viewpoints; Tori Percherke, Sports; Bernadette D’Auria and Samantha Price, Online; and Bryanna Lansing, Photography.