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Staff Editorial: Fitness Center Not Fit

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Lauren Brumfield | The Blue & Gray Press


It’s the beginning of a new year, which can only mean one thing: resolutions.
Three weeks ago, the students of Mary Washington returned to campus with renewed vigor, vowing to quit smoking, do better in classes or lose the “Freshman 15.”However, the students included in the go-to-the-gym resolution pool have met with some glaring technical difficulties.

The majority of the electric exercise machines in the Fitness Center do not work.
Due to a recent reorganization of the machines in the upper-level of the fitness center, the electrical circuits frequently overload, shutting off power to the machines. What does this say about an institution that exists in a world where 11 to 15 percent of all deaths are linked to a lack of exercise?

According to the Fitness Center Website, an average of 700 people use the gym on weekdays, with the majority of students using cardio equipment. On any given day, the majority of the treadmills are out of commission, in addition to other exercise machines. According to a statement released by Bob Liebau, associate director of campus recreation and fitness center, the new arrangement of the machines has “magnified an electrical wiring problem that was not known until now.”

It would seem natural that a facility that cost the University a little over $3.2 million to complete would have the means to function in its entirety. Here’s to hoping that students can remember their resolutions long enough to actually have the opportunity to see them through.