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I’m trying to decide which makes me laugh more—the fact that there are regularly zero free spaces in the apartment lot, or that as of last night, students like my roommate were still getting parking decals, making things even worse.

For those who don’t know, the apartment lot used to be the one place with available parking spaces. The privilege of living in the apartments was not just the nice rooms and A/C, but a guaranteed parking space. Now that they are overflowing, I can only imagine how bad it is for others.

I could of course talk about the problems with the parking deck, but we all know that argument already.

My main question: how come the stickers are still not all distributed? Didn’t we order them early for a reason?

I think that UMW just wanted to mess with us, faking us out into thinking that maybe, just maybe, they were on the ball on something.
But nope, it just became a process that took up more of our time for no reason. And the adminstion didn’t even warn you that you would need a printer before clicking on the confirmation website that you could never return to.

Helped a lot that I paid for a stupid parking pass and still had to worry until I finally got my sticker the other day.

I’d welcome you all back for the new school year, but it seems our school already has in its own way.

So I’ll just say that we hope that you like the new format of The Bullet, please send us your feedback, and we’ll be back next week.