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Sci-Fi Novel Connects Past and Future

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During the thirteenth century, the famed explorer Marco Polo journeyed to the Far East. After serving the Kublai Khan in China for many years, he was released from service and allowed to return home. He was given much wealth, fourteen ships and 600 men.
However, something happened on the return voyage, something that Marco Polo refused to ever speak of to anyone, and he returned to Venice with only two ships and eighteen men.
Now, almost eight centuries later, the world faces the horror of which Marco Polo refused to speak. An unknown, deadly plague has emerged from the Indian Ocean, and SIGMA Force operatives Dr. Lisa Cummings and Monk Kokkalis have been sent to aid the dying and search for the cause of the disease. However, terrorists commandeer their ship, and it soon becomes apparent that they intend to transform the pathogen into a bio-weapon.
Meanwhile, SIGMA commander Gray Pierce is thrown in league with a beautiful assassin who claims that she knows the first step towards a cure to the plague. On the run from his own government, Gray joins the woman and together they set off on an incredible journey to discover a cure for the world.
By stumbling across the writing of Marco Polo, the two discover that the explorer learned of this cure, and left clues should the horror be unleashed a second time. Hunted from all sides, Gray and the assassin follow the mysterious trail left behind by Marco Polo, and race their pursuers to the answer for which the world is desperately searching.
James Rollins, the author of “The Judas Strain” is a master of combining historic facts with modern, and transforming the unbelievable into the believable. By weaving antiquity with modern people, places and events, Rollins creates a realistic and fantastic tale that captivates the reader throughout the entire novel.
His vivid imagery, harrowing accounts, and unexpected twists draw readers’ curiosity and entice them to keep reading. The author also employs clear, intelligent writing and well-drawn, fascinating characters.
Combining his efficient writing style with an intense and gripping storyline, James Rollins creates a spellbinding story that will hold readers’ attention until the final cover.