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‘The Hills’ are Alive With Heidi

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“Who is Heidi Montag and why should I care?” Some may give me this reaction to this article, but chances are, you readers know full well who this blonde celeb-wannabe is.
Like it or not, “The Hills” is one of the most popular Monday night shows on TV among people our age. And since Mary Washington is a female dominated campus, not too many of you can feign ignorance on this one, as much as you might want to.
Yet here is something you may not know. Heidi, whom we love to hate, who irritates all you “Team LC” fans out there, and who is also on the cover of this month’s Cosmo Girl, is looking for a spot beyond the world of shopping, eating brunch and gossiping in the Hollywood Hills.
With the help of her infamously disliked fiancé Spencer Pratt, she is embarking upon a singing career. Not shocking enough? Her leaked track “Body Language” is actually…not bad.
Leaked, you say? Yes, that is how I first came into contact with this song. My favorite source of all time for this kind of “news,” the “Gossip Gangstar” himself Perez Hilton, whom you may now know from MTV’s Wednesday night show “Celebrity Rap Superstar” has been keeping celebrity gossip lovers updated on Heidi’s road to fame, from her breast implants, to her engagement to Pratt, to her nose job and her pretty pointless beef with co-star Lauren Conrad.
When “Body Language” first hit the airwaves on Ryan Seacrest’s L.A. based radio show, Perez posted a link to Seacrest’s radio show’s website where one could listen to the song. On Perez’s own website,, there was as usual included in the post a link to a forum where fans posted their reactions.
“Body Language” is a fairly typical pop/dance song that is reminiscent of Britney Spears’ sound, but without the added hot-mess aura that seems to surround her these days.
When you hear Britney’s music, including her latest single “Gimme More” that debuted so very elegantly and successfully at the Video Music Awards this year, it is almost impossible to listen to the song itself and not think of all the Britney blunders that have plagued her year thus far. With Heidi, the sound comes off as more fresh and new.
The leak, however, was unintended. It features a nice little rap towards the end of the song, performed by none other than Heidi’s man Spencer Pratt. When people called into the show to tell Seacrest their thoughts and opinions they seemed to enjoy the song, but found the rap to be questionable.
Despite hearing herself on the radio, Heidi reportedly cried because that was not the introduction to her sound that she wanted the public to hear. Perez reports: “But, it’s not Ryan’s fault, sources tell us. ‘The record company leaked the track,” an insider reveals. “Spencer and Heidi were just having fun in the studio and working on songs. That was not meant to be released. Spencer would never rap on Heidi’s first single.”
Seeing as Spencer Pratt is Montag’s manager, it is not surprising that he has a very hands-on approach in her new career.
To her budding music fans, it might be disappointing that “Body Language” was only an accidental leak. Almost everyone who called into Seacrest’s show had good things to say about the track.
Even though she had preferred to be more in control as to which song was to be first heard by the public, Heidi told Seacrest in a radio interview afterwards that she was pleased that people were responding so well to the song.
After all, does it matter which single is heard first, as long as people like it? If you have not heard it yet, tune into the clip on Ryan’s radio show website and give it a chance. Until her come-back is an actual come-back, how about we follow super-fan Chris Cocker’s advice and leave Britney alone for awhile? Heidi Montag’s blonde hair, big boobs and sexy voice will do just fine for now.