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As of yet, it seems that the Bullet  is the only remaining media outlet out there to not address the latest turmoil of the unsinkable Britney Spears.
We’ve caved.
What is most striking about Ms. Spears is not that fact that her children have been taken away from her or the judge’s ruling that she is a “frequent and habitual drug user.” The most appalling layer of the epic that is Britney Spears is the extent that the media enables her.
Whether it be out of hatred, pity, or nosiness, people care about Britney Spears. They care about the length of hair on her head and they care whether she bothers wearing shoes in a public restroom. Britney Spears forgets to put on undergarments and it’s front page news.
Britney is the new Michael Jackson. She is going wacko. And people love it.
The former mouse-keteer has shown explicit signs of an addiction to publicity, clubbing in LA hours after leaving rehab and driving in California after being convicted of not having a valid license the day before. Her “comeback” performance at this year’s Video Music Awards was worse than Karaoke at the Nest.
She keeps outdoing herself—It seems to be Britney’s goal to grace the covers of every tabloid and gossip website. And we comply, by continuing to subscribe and click. Stability is boring, sanity doesn’t sell magazines.
The New York Daily News has deemed the broken mother-of-two as “Unfitney.” Which is ironic, because America’s most respected newspaper, The New York Times, considers Britney updates as “news that’s fit to print.”
The current number one song on iTunes is none other than Britney Spears’ aptly titled “Gimmie More.” Oops. We did it again—we have begged Britney to top her latest scandal by keeping her in the public eye. By supporting her music, we are supporting her paparazzi-philia and discouraging her from getting help.
Only when this public obsession with the demise of Britney stops, will she be able to get better. Forget K-Fed, the public is her biggest enabler.
Perhaps we see Britney as the ultimate celebrity train wreck—proof that fame and fortune aren’t all that they are cracked up to be. Seeing her hit rock-bottom makes us feel better about our mundane, yet stable lives.
We have become “frequent and habitual” users of Britney Spears, but there is hope for us too. Next time Britney shaves her head, avert your eyes in line at the grocery store and abstain from buying US Weekly.
With faith, time and Christina Aguilera’s next album, we can rehabilitate.