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Staff Editorial

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Something happened on campus last Friday that was so extraordinary we almost thought we had been transported to another dimension, or at least to another college.
You showed up.
After a week of midterm stress and paper angst, almost 1,000 of us stared down the barrel of our Friday night and decided on Rocktoberfest, an event sponsored by our fellow students. Those of us who decided to break with tradition and support a student-organization deserve a pat on the back. But a Colbert-style “wag of the finger” goes out to everyone who routinely skips out on campus events.
We can’t imagine why our student body routinely chooses not to show up for things that our friends and classmates spend so much time planning and organizing.  Moreover, we can not understand why the ones who complain the loudest about ‘Dead Fred’ are usually the least likely to participate in the dozens of activities happening at any given time all over campus.
We may not understand this lack of school spirit, but we do know who the serial no-showers are.
And you know who you are.  So do your friends-the same ten friends that you have had since freshman year. The kids from your hall that you bonded with over those awkward first meals at Seacobeck who now form the social circle that you’re caught up in are limiting your college experience.  Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with your friends, but there’s something wrong with you if you think you have to do everything with them.
Some of you who sing along to “Hey There Delilah” in the shower were probably too embarrassed to suggest the Plain White T’s show to your elitist pals. It’s ok, we understand. No one likes feeling time-warped back to those middle school days when one lousy joke or poor fashion choice made you the subject of ridicule.  Your friends might not be able to relate though. We hear they’ve never had an awkward phase.
Peer pressure is not the only thing that keeps us from coming to campus events.
We’re willing to bet that some people missed Rocktoberfest for a “Scrubs” marathon or a Halo 3 showdown. Maybe you just couldn’t tear yourself away from that YouTube video of Korean inmates dancing en mass to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”
Sheep, boob-tube addicts and gamers: consider yourselves rebuked.  But you aren’t the only culprits to blame for low turnout at student events.
We’ve saved the worst for last: the weakender (no, that’s not a typo).
Again, we know who you are, and so do you. You’re probably in-state, from northern Virginia, and you treat your dorm-room like it’s a time share—the weekends belong to your roommate.
Take your trigger-finger off the gear-shifter and step out of the vehicle. Were you listening during your pre-admission tour, or did your Washington guide forget to tell you? This is not a suitcase school.