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Gone are the days of scary witches and bed-sheet ghosts. Thinking up cleverly revealing Halloween ideas for college parties makes me long for the days of trick-or-treating.
Oh, wait. Scratch that. I love dressing up slutty.
Even if you’ve been hiding away in your room for the entire month of October and somehow managed to miss every girl in your Res-hall buying a trashy Halloween costume, I’m sure you’re familiar with the phenomenon.
Lindsay Lohan’s Cady from “Mean Girls” said it best: “Hallowen is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”
Since every college student has seen “Mean Girls” and blindly takes advice from LiLo, you’re all prepared to make appropriate costume choices.
No zombie brides this year, ladies. It’s time to find your inner bumblebee. Sexy bumblebee, more specifically.
Before you get your panties in a twist about the pressure society puts on women to show skin and let themselves be objectified by men, calm down. It’s supposed to be fun.
If you don’t want to show a little cleave this Halloween, by all means cover up. This isn’t really North Shore High, and people won’t actually ostracize you for wearing any costume you choose.
For those of you who do “get into the holiday spirit,” enjoy! Halloween can be a great time to embrace your body and show it off. If you really love your curves, legs, or what have you but are usually too modest to flaunt them– this is your chance! You have the opportunity to show your goodies without feeling awkward and out of place.
You don’t have to be a sex fiend or a supermodel to want to be a little sexy every so often. Not that flashing some T&A in a nurse’s outfit is the only way to do that, but it is fun.
I suppose the lesson of Halloween should apply year-round. If there’s something you love about your body that you want to show off, or you want to physically display your sexuality, you should be able to go for it without using a holiday as an excuse.
However, we live in the real world– or at least we will after graduation– and it’s not always appropriate to flaunt your goodness. Forget Lindsay Lohan– Janet Jackson and Britney Spears have taught us this lesson 10 times over.
Still, you can display your body confidence without wearing a skintight minidress to the office. Just like mom always says– confidence itself is sexy!
Whether you let your confidence shine through every day or you need an annual excuse to put it all out there – do whatever it takes to feel saucy.
If you still can’t think of enough positive outlets in which to express your “inner bumblebee” throughout the year, get into role playing. Another excuse to wear costumes!