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Staff Editorial

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There are major conflicts at this school, and not just the ones that come along with course registration when you are picking your classes.
It seems like every single person within a major thinks that every other major is a breeze at this school. With the exception of the natural sciences, everything seems like a joke to everyone else.
Here’s a bit of light to the situation: every single one of the majors is a lot of work.
English majors do not just read. Studio Art majors do not just paint. Psychology majors do more than just analyze the things you say at parties. The fact is, there are no easy majors at this school. So everyone should quit looking down on each other and appreciate what everyone else has to offer. Your fellow students probably know a lot of interesting things that you never will.
This also works the opposite way, though. People should quit complaining about how hard their major is to everyone else. You picked that major and you brought it upon yourself, and people don’t want to constantly hear about it.
That said, every major here is challenging, and you are going to get stressed out from time to time. Our teachers expect a lot of us, sometimes a little too much, and we need to relax. Thankfully, there are enough things going on here that we can squeak by.
First thing to do when you’re stressed is hit up a new location. We have one of the most beautiful campuses in the enitre country. Take some of your homework outside. It’s still not too cold, and you’ll be fine in a nice jacket. The leaves and the breeze are a great way to calm down.
Next, check the bulletin boards around campus. There are lots of things going on that will get your mind off of school, both on the weekends and during the week. Judging from looking at the bulletin board right outside of the Bullet office, there must be something going on every day for the next few weeks. Maybe one or two will catch your eye.
And maybe one or two people at the events will catch your eye too.
Last but not least, hit up Jazzman’s for a nice drink and sip it down as you are studying for your tests. You always get annoyed and wait while other people get drinks in the line, you are allowed to do it once or twice yourself. And some of them are really good.
Basically the message of this all is to relax. The more stressed you get, the more you are going to stress the people around you. And the more you try to make them feel bad, the more they are going to try to help. That is just going to take up their time and then they’ll be doing the same thing to somebody else. You should just try to enjoy school. Despite all the work, these can be the best four (or five) years of your life. But only if you let them.