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That's What She Said

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By Mary Ryan Richardson

Most people who go to Houston’s go to dance and to have a good time, not to feel uncomfortable and awkward.
It is a mystery to me what guys really think is going to happen when they decide to randomly come up and dance behind me.
Last Thursday, I was in a situation that I found outright degrading.  As I was dancing with my friend, a guy came up behind me, and decided to run his hands all over me.
After I grabbed his hands and ripped them away from me, I walked away thinking, “Did that really just happen?”
I didn’t even know the guy’s name.
I constantly wonder what really goes through guys’ minds. I suppose guys think that the girls who are dancing must be drunk and therefore completely willing to participate in any type of activities.
While many girls may be up for it, not all girls share this desire.
This started with my experience at Houston’s, but it really banks on the subject that guys tend to think that girls must be in love with them if they flirt, speak or want to be in any social situation with them at all.
Sometimes girls like guys as JUST FRIENDS.
Now I am not saying that the guys are completely to blame.
There are girls who go to Houston’s completely trashed and send off signals left and right that they are up for anything.
But come on, is it really that hard to see the difference between the two types of girls?
From their drunken stupor and slurred speech, it is obvious which girls are not really watching out for themselves.
While I refuse to even venture into the subject of indecency, I really just want to figure out why guys think it’s okay to feel up some random girl whenever and wherever he is.
I understand that girls can put out extremely strong signals sometimes.  But hey, occasionally we just want to show off, and enjoy ourselves.
Sometimes, girls just want to have fun.