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OK, pranksters, put down the water balloons, lose the joy buzzers, and listen up.

We know this week is Junior Ring Week and next Tuesday is April Fool’s Day, but that’s no reason for anybody to go overboard with the practical jokes.

On that note…we’ve always wondered: why are they called “practical?”  Dousing someone with water before their 9 a.m. history presentation doesn’t seem very practical to us.

Funny, yes.  Practical, no
But since it seems that jokes will be a little more prevalent now than at other times during the year, we thought we would encourage you to keep a few things in mind before you set your roommate’s alarm clock to go off five hours before their first class.

The end of the semester is a stressful time for us all, and the last thing your unsuspecting friends need is to find their beds on the lawn of Ball Circle.

We’re not saying you should put off pranks permanently, however.  We here at the Bullet certainly advocate appropriate amounts of mischief.

So basically, prank with caution.

We’d like to provide the following guidelines for those seeking to trick their friends:
If any of your pals show signs of going off the deep end with the added stress of the approaching finals period, keep clear.  Library lovers tend to get a little angry if you write “I heart Ryan Seacrest” all over their biology note cards.

Also, teachers are generally off limits when it comes to elaborate jokes.  But hey, it’s your final grade, not ours.

Finally, anything that involves destroying someone else’s property is a no-go.  For some reason, people don’t seem to like spending money to replace something they didn’t ruin themselves.

Not that we would know.  We’ve never thrown anyone’s underwear in the fountain or anything like that.

Keep the above suggestions in mind and think twice before you make your crank-calls and proceed with saran-wrapping your best friend’s room.

When said best friend decides to retaliate with a bucket of orange Gatorade, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Happy pranking!