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Did you know that some people find it a turn-on to wear diapers?

Did you know that there are a whole slew of terms out there to refer to those who enjoy role playing in diapers?

Did you know that there is an official website out there, not only to allow those who partake in the fetish to share their stories, but also provide them with a chance to meet others who are interested in said fetish?

Neither did I!

During a “study break” this past weekend, I decided to scan the plethora of procrastination outlets online. By some miraculous coincidence I ended up watching an episode of “CSI” entitled “King Baby,” which dealt with high profile diaper fetishes and LSD usage during role playing.

Intrigued, I dug further in and came across a website known as

According to this site, diaper fetishes, or more specifically, infantilism, stem from our good old standard sadomasochism.

The fetish ranges from people who are simply turned on by the sight of adults in diapers (diaper fetish) to further role playing as seen in the “CSI” episode. The role playing aspect is known as infantilism and includes a submissive who acts as a baby while a dominant plays the “baby-sitter.” Many wearers get aroused by soiling themselves and getting cleaned up.

There was no mention of LSD usage on the site.

Along with explanations, site members also have the resources to write about past exploits and experiences in infantilism.

One man writes about his experience going to the mall with his girlfriend in diapers, changing each other between stores.

Another member talks about the time she came home to discover her boyfriend in a highchair and diapers and how she found it to be a “real turn-on” to take care of him that evening with feeding, a bath, and, of course, a diaper change.

But by far my favorite part of the site is the personal link. If one is a lonely diaper-wearing individual, looking for a baby-sitter to love and care for them, all one needs to do is go to this site, type in what they find kinky, and wait for a response.

Throughout the site, there is constant repetition in the disclaimer that this fetish has nothing to do with having sex with underage individuals. It is all about diapers and role playing.

Some people just really enjoy the feeling of squishy cotton and plastic around their abdomen and crotch.

While I am all for freedom of sexual expression I find one aspect of the fetish a bit disconcerting; what does the “baby-sitter” get out of all of this?

The diaper wearer, who is often dressed as a baby during the role-playing portion, soils himself, acts like a brat and is in the end sexually punished. I find the whole scenario bears too much resemblance to that of child molestation.

And while I guess one could see the fetish as a dominant/submissive scenario, what on earth does the baby-sitter think while he is feeding and bathing this hairy dude in a diaper? This is the only part of the fetish that really plagues my open-mindedness.

And while one may ask “But K.J., what about the diaper-wearer, aren’t you going to rag on him as well?”

I don’t feel that I have to. It’s bad enough that they get sexual pleasure from wearing diapers. Why must they suffer more with a psychological analysis from some college kid in a liberal arts school?
If you want to wear diapers, then by golly, go out there and wear diapers. Better to just enjoy your fetish than sit there sadly and ponder what deeper, messed-up root this fetish stems from.

You know, so long as it doesn’t hurt someone in an uncalled for fashion or mentally scar an individual in the long run.

So I say embrace your inner diaper-wearing fetishism, should you have it. Today is a new day for all of you out there on campus.

You now know that you are not alone in the world and there are others like you who enjoy the same fetish.

Just don’t expect me to change you.