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Staff Editorial: Will Copps, Editor in Chief Emeritus

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If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ve probably noticed how every event of any importance is being dubbed. Spygate. Radiogate. Airlinegate. Even Chocolategate has been thrown around.
I began to take over as Editor in Chief of the Bullet last year around the time of the incidents concerning former President Frawley. The time foreboded many other large events that would need to be covered by the paper.
Yet we strive to have no sensationalist Frawleygates or Hamplegates; we just try to have the news, as fairly as we can portray it.
I am proud to have had my hand in covering these events and others over the last year, and am more proud of the excellent people that have been here to work on the stories with me.
But I am most proud of the whole community, as we have come together to tackle different issues and really set a new course for our centennial year.
Our mailbox has been full of thoughtfully written letters from all around campus, and we publish as many as we can in the paper every week.
With the advent of the new website at, there is even more room for letters and there are now story comments. I want to encourage everyone to submit their stories, opinions, or anything else that comes to mind.
We want this paper to be your paper too. We want you to know you’re a part of every award we received this year, because without the great interaction we have there would not be a paper at all.
I am sad to be leaving the paper this year, but I am more than confident it is only going to grow in the years to come. So please, submit your ideas.
Even if you’re a senior about to go through Graduationgate, there’s a website you can go to every Thursday to check out just what’s happening at UMW. The Bullet will still be your paper, just as it will be the paper of a new set of faces next year.
I want to thank everyone for reading, writing, drawing, taking pictures, inserting ads, managing finances, and every other thing that goes into making this paper what it is.
I will not be here next year, but I’m sure you will see my story comments and letters if you look for them. I can’t wait to read yours.