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Dogs Join Networks

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Since it was first launched in 2004, Facebook has developed rampant popularity among the younger set. Websites such as Facebook and Myspace, which offer new ways of communication, are recent leaders in Internet browsing. According to Time Magazine an average of 150,000 users sign up as new Facebook members every day.

“I go on every day,” Sarah Jachelski, UMW sophomore said. “I like it because I can keep in touch with my sister and all of my high school friends.”

The University of Mary Washington is certainly no exception to this contagious fad. Students and even professors have caught the social network bug for a variety of reasons.

“It’s definitely helpful for publicizing club events because we can reach so many people so easily,” Elisa Walker, Ecology Club officer and UMW junior, said. “We make Facebook events for most of our big club events.”

Some professors have even started using Facebook as a tool for their classes.

“I’ve had a lot of problems with Blackboard discussion threads in the past, but with Facebook I’ve never had a problem,” Shara Voisard, professor of Spanish, said.

One UMW student has taken the idea of social networking to a whole new level. Junior Ross Serino has created his own site. Called Doggyspace, it is like a compilation of Myspace or Facebook pages but for dogs.

“It started out as a joke one day earlier in the year,”  Serino said, “We got to talking about it over the next few months and thought we could really make something for dog lovers.”

At, users can create profiles for their dogs, post photos, videos, and journal entries, make friends with other dogs, and post comments as their dogs.

“My favorite thing about the site is the journal feature,” Serino said. “Some of these dogs have amazing stories or even owners touch on serious subject through the point of view of their dogs.”

Since its release in August, Doggyspace has accumulated 15,000 canine users.