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Letter to the Editor: Safety Is a Priority

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Dear Editor:

In light of recent incidents regarding campus safety, I would like to voice my opinion about the security at Mary Washington.
Over the past year, I have come in contact with a number of events involving students being in threatening situations, and it has become impossible for me to ignore this issue.
Something I love about Mary Washington is that I have always felt safe, but now I find this feeling of security is lost.
I know that the Police Department obviously does their best to ensure our safety, but to me it seems like their priorities might be in the wrong place.
It is hard to understand why the school has spent so much money on arming police officers and giving them fancier cars, while incidences like what occured in the parking garage last week are still able to happen.
I don’t mean to criticize the intentions of the officers, but I really would like to see the police spend less time breaking up college parties and more time doing the work that is needed, such as doing everything possible to make sure the integrity of our safety is upheld.
– Cassie Kollman  is a junior.