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Sex a Healthy Act for Mind and Body

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I can always tell when a friend just got lucky. They seem calmer, more upbeat and oftentimes produce a goofy smile when I ask them how their night has been.

Sex is a two-sided coin with which many people like to play heads or tails.

Sure, there are a lot of potential problems that come with the act of fornication such as emotional craziness, STDs, potential awkwardness, and so on.

But on the other end of the spectrum, sex can be quite healthy.

I have friends who swear that having sex makes their skin clearer or their boobs bigger. While these benefits are not medically proven, there are some perks to being promiscuous.

Sex can increase oxidation, reduce bad cholesterol and help to relieve stress. The act also increases hormone production, especially in males, which in turn can strengthen the bones and muscles of the human body.

There also seems to be a pain-relief factor. I know a lot of girls who, if they have a willing partner, find that having sex during Aunt Flow’s visit greatly reduces cramps. Some studies indicate that sex may also reduce joint pain and headaches. That’s right, no more excuses, ladies.

Best of all is that sex is a physical activity and burns calories.

But to go even further, different positions and physical variations between partners burn different amounts of calories per average length of engagement.

For instance, if the man and woman are facing each other and the woman is on the bottom, both members will burn 20 calories. If the woman is taller and the partner is standing, 90 calories are burned.

There are even sexercise websites out there that provide “effective” calorie-burning techniques as well as muscle-toning techniques.

Doggy-style, for example, can help you lose up to 150 calories per hour. The girl can even tighten up her tummy by holding it in and flexing during the act.

Even if you aren’t thinking about those pounds as you are pounding it, the desired outcome of sexual acts still gets you to burn some calories. As you reach your orgasm you burn 5.5 calories. If you can control it, approximately 79 calories can be burned. The orgasm itself burns 27 calories while faking it burns 160 calories.

It all has to do with breathing pace, increasing heart rate, and the repetitive motions. If a person has sex three times a week for a year, they have burned the equivalent amount of calories to running 75 miles.

Don’t have a friend to help you lose those extra pounds? Masturbation for sole pleasure burns 6 calories per orgasm. And different methods—vibrator,22; finger, 9; inflatable doll, 22—allow for different peaks in energy.

There are even workout clubs out there that teach pole dancing, chair dancing and stripping as forms of exercise, bringing the world of seduction and exercise together as one happy medium. And while these classes remain a stagnant PG in the workout room, whatever you take from them can be used in the bedroom as well.

My friend and I actually tried one of these classes once after receiving a coupon in the mail. It was for stripping. We came in with our eyes wide with self-consciousness. Thankfully the entire class consisted of women. The young instructor (who, I might add, had a banging body) made us all grab some chairs and follow her lead.

Those are some lucky chairs. We danced on them every which way we could; humping, swooping, pushing, squatting, swaying and shimmying our way into a drenched sweat. By the end of the workout, my friend and I were breathing like we meant it with glazed brows and smiles on our faces.

So if you don’t feel like going to a gym for the day just call up a friend/lover/spouse, ask if they want to lose some weight, do a little seduction dance warm up, and then start working out!