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Clothes Show True Leather of Passion

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Last night, I was hanging out with my roommates. We were procrastinating, looking for reasons to keep away from the dreaded Spanish-themed homework that we each had to deal with.

Magically, after sitting around and talking for almost an hour about the difference between French and Argentine pastries, we ended up in the living room with the television on. After flipping through shows with scantily-clad women, soccer games, and soap operas, we ended up on a channel featuring a dubbed “Charlie’s Angels.”

When the scene with Lucy Lui in her leather clad outfit telling a bunch of IT guys how to do their job came on, all of my male roommates went crazy.

“Man, that is so hot!”

“Shit, that thing is tight!”

“How can she move in that thing?”

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen guys flip over girls bound in tight, squeaky material. What is it about guys’ fascination with girls clad in leather or fur? Is there some sort of partial sadomasochism thing that I just don’t get?

After the movie was over and none of us could think of any more reasons to ignore our designated assignments, I immediately went to my computer to continue my practice of procrastination.

I discovered that the general term for clothing fetishism is doraphilia while the leather-specific interest is a mere subcategory.

The very sound and feel of leather greatly arouses some people while, as my suspicions had indicated, sadomasochism is a big part of the leather craze.

Other materials that bring out the horniest in some people include latex and spandex. Each material has its own special characteristics that make both the wearer and sexual partner go wild.

I think my favorite similarity between each of these materials is the fact that they are each shiny. They also include the idea of the wearer having a “second skin.”

Along with materials, there are also certain articles of clothing—socks, panties, gloves, and even sneakers—that can really get people hot and steamy.

Personally, if I saw a guy in some sort of leather get-up I would be a little disturbed. I’m not really into the leather look. I mean, yeah, cruelty to animals and such sucks. But more than that, I just find the leather look kind of blasé. I think I’m the exact opposite of someone with the fetish. The sound and texture of leather just don’t do it for me.

The next day, with a little more knowledge under my belt, I went up to each roommate and asked him what his article of clothing he found the most attractive. One said plain white tee-shirt (only), two said thong leotard (where did they even come up with that one?), and the fourth said knee-high boots.

Lingerie is kind of a waste of money. These guys just support my argument. Apparently even leather is more popular than lingerie.

It’s just so interesting that preconceptions of sexual arousal can be refuted if one just asks around for some honest opinions.

If you feel like dressing sexy for your significant other, I’m not saying you shouldn’t go out and immediately buy leather thongs and whips.

Why not ask around before making a purchase?

You never know what that person’s actual clothing interest may be, especially when there are apparently over 30 subcategories.