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The Bullet, Along with Diddy, Wants you to Vote

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In the immortal words of a t-shirt worn by (P.) Diddy in 2004: “Vote or Die.”

Whether you’ve been registered for years, or just filled out an application to get an obnoxious canvasser on campus walk to leave you alone, it’s time to follow through and actually cast those crucial ballots.

This election is historical on so many accounts. Besides the obvious race and gender landmarks, it will be most Mary Washington students’ first time voting in a presidential election

This is our election. Of the 436,155 newly registered voters in Virginia, 40 percent of them are under the age of 25. As most of our plans include trying to get a job and some form of health care in the next five years, Mary Washington students are afforded a new perspective on the direct effect policy decisions will have on our lives. Tuesday’s outcome matters to us in a whole new way.

Fredericksburg is not just home to a Civil War battleground, but a political one as well.

Three of the four major candidates have visited our humble little city, and students joined community members to brave rain and porta-potties in unprecedented numbers.

Our Facebook newsfeeds are awash with the political declarations of our classmates and friends.

Kudos to the College Republicans and Young Democrats for campaigning in a respectful and lively manner.

Bipartisan events like the debate in Dodd and E Pluribus Unum’s voter drive on Ball Circle prove our campus’s diversity and tolerant spirit.

Both groups efforts to register students especially emphasize our community’s commitment to civic responsibility, not just party politics.

Still, it’s hard to ignore the negativity.

Youtube is clogged with over-the-top attack ads, and many of us are complaining of election fatigue.

However,  don’t let the mindless jargon and below-the-belt jabs discourage you from voting.

Seize your opportunity to speak your mind, especially if you’re disenchanted with the American political system. If you don’t think any of the listed candidates are worthy of Oval Office, you could always write someone in.

P. Diddy anyone?