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Construction Projects Proceed on Time and Will Benefit Students

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As the pile of dirt in front of Eagle Village gets smaller and smaller, students seem to be more and more excited about all the construction changes on campus.

When construction began on the Eagle Village apartments, we snickered at the idea that the apartments would be done for August 2010 move-in, but it seems that UMW is proving us wrong. Every day, the apartments seem to be growing larger.

What many students do not realize is that the UMW Foundation, an independent non-profit fundraising organization, is overseeing and paying for this project. Students should be happy to hear that their tuition is not paying for these projects. The Foundation is planning to spend $115 million on the first phase of Eagle Village. The Foundation also owns the current apartments on William Street.

It was also nice to return this year to the new deck outside of the Eagle’s Nest and to see that all of these construction projects will pay off for students. With the warm weather still upon us, students have time to enjoy sitting outside. Additionally, more seating and tables were recently added to the deck.

Right now, students need to keep this progress in mind as they make the move from taking classes in Monroe Hall to the trailers. While students are complaining about the scattering of departments and trailer classrooms, they have to remember that these types of construction projects are only improving our campus.

For example, while it was annoying that Lee Hall was closed for two years, the renovations have provided a new upgrade to campus. In renovating Lee Hall, the administration really considered at the needs and wants of students.

Construction, no matter where it happens, causes disturbances. While the construction may seem visually unappealing right now, in the long run, our university will be more appealing for prospective students. All of these projects are just helping create a better atmosphere and catering to student needs.

The Anderson Center is also a much needed improvement. The new location will be able to hold larger sporting events than were possible in Goolrick. This project has been talked about since 1989 so it is exciting to see it finally get started.

So as UMW renovates and upgrades our campus, it is important for students to be understanding and patient when they walk to classes in trailers and are woken up in the morning to the sound of bulldozers.