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Letter to the Editor: Statistics for EaglePAY

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The following letter was written in response to the Staff Editorial published in the Nov. 5 issue of the Bullet:

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the recently published editorial on EaglePAY.
A great feature of EaglePAY is that the student may establish authorized payers; which allows the authorized user to view the bill, establish a payment plan or make one time payments.
Students, authorized payers and guest payers may make one-time payments using their checking and saving accounts through EaglePAY without incurring a fee.  As of October 2009, five months after implementation of EaglePAY,  $ 6,898,367.52 was processed, 71 percent of payments made using the e-check processor and 29 percent were made using a credit card

Allyson P. Moerman is the assistant vice president for finance and controller for UMW